De Weever tours Seven Seas water plants

POSTED: 06/13/12 1:27 PM

St. Maarten Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor Cornelius De Weever recently took a tour of the Seven Seas desalination and production operations in Cupecoy and Cay Bay recently. The minister, staffers of the Inspectorate of Public Health Social Development & Labor and Gebe were given an extensive explanation on the operations of both plants, which produce water that is supplied to GEBE for use by its consumers.

The tour started at Cupecoy where Minister De Weever was given a first-hand look of the wells in the area that takes in the sea water and further pumps it to the plant at Cupecoy. The tour continued to the Cay Bay plant, where Seven Seas officials explained the intake of water from the ocean and its further processing.

“As minister with the responsibility for potable/drinking water according to the legislation it is extremely important that I am completely aware of the process from the production to the distribution and the independent sampling by the environmental inspectors of the inspectorate to independent testing by SLS all to ensure enough and safe water to the people of St. Maarten,” De Weever said.

Seven Seas focuses on seawater/brackish water reverse osmosis and other membrane based water treatment technologies. The company has a large team of support staff for the reverse osmosis desalination plants here on the island. The Cupecoy Plant increased its capacity from contracted amount of 3,000m³/d to actual amount of 3,730m³/d. The Cay Bay Plant, of which the existing plant was expanded from 10,500 to 13,500m³/d.

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