Daytime robbery at Porto Cupecoy

POSTED: 09/6/13 4:40 PM

St. Maarten – The sales office at Porto Cupecoy was robbed yesterday afternoon, according to sources. Two armed men entered the premises and tied up the staff with zip ties while making off with an undisclosed amount, though sources speculated there could not have been much in the office to begin with. The men later fled the scene and headed toward the French border on scooters.

According to the same sources, the two were fairly well dressed and didn’t wear masks. They also robbed the two ladies of some of their personal belongings.  The sources said the robbers must have been familiar with the place as they knew exactly where the office was and the quickest route to escape. It is not conspicuous or clearly marked as a sales office. It’s mainly known to the property’s residents and tenants, the sources said.

Porto Cupecoy is a condominium and marina development with several shops and restaurants as well as a supermarket. It’s located at the western end of the lagoon near the French border.

Police are investigating the matter.

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Daytime robbery at Porto Cupecoy by

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