Davis-Holiday sent home for not cooperating with investigation

POSTED: 10/23/12 3:04 PM

St. Maarten -Education Minister Silveria Jacobs delved even deeper into the investigation that is ongoing at Division of Public Education Services although repeatedly stating that it was a sensitive inquiry and ought to be kept confidential. The minister in answering questions from parliamentarians at yesterday’s second Central Committee meeting to discuss the current education policy said that the situation had escalated into a chaotic one.
“All this was done not with the goal to create any havoc. As a matter of fact it is a situation of chaos at the moment; the persons on the ground are the ones who are constantly feeling it.”
During the same time that the investigation was being called, public school managers called on the Council of Ministers to for a meeting to bring all of their complaints to the fore,” Jacobs revealed.
The school managers were redirected to her personally and issues which surfaced during that meeting included the human resources operations, school maintenance and the provision of school materials in a timely manner.
Jacobs explained that the division’s head, Glenderlin Davis-Holiday was placed on paid leave and regardless of the findings of the investigation will return to her post at the end of the month. She explained that the investigation started later than the Council of Ministers expected due to change in certain heads.
The minister maintained that the inquiry into Division Public Education was into the operations as well as whether its human resources policy was being carried out in the correct manner.
The minister explained that prior to the investigation getting underway, the cooperation of Davis-Holiday was requested but it was not forthcoming. This was one of the reasons why she was given a letter and sent on leave by the acting head for an investigation “without any negative influence.”
Once the investigation is completed, the committee will present its findings to both Davis-Holiday and the minister for them to arrive at solutions.
“She will have an objective, outside body who would have given more insight into the causes and solution of the many mishaps at the division,” the minister expects of the investigation’s end.
In the first round of questioning for yesterday’s Central Committee that was called by the United People’s Party (UP), parliamentarian Jules James (UP) sought further clarification on Davis-Holiday’s current situation. He said that he was confused on whether she was actually suspended or just placed on leave with pay owing to the numerous reports circulating. As he had done two weeks prior, James again requested a copy of the letter that was submitted to the senior education official and her formal rebuttal to being sent home.
“Based on the minister’s responses would it be fair to conclude that based on negative influences, the individual needed to be sent home, to carry out a needed investigation,” James asked.
He also questioned whether the minister had any regrets and whether things should have been done differently, adding that he was pleased with the action taken by the Council of Ministers to investigate Division Public Education Services.
“What other sanctions could the individual face pending the outcome of the investigation and whether they were plans to replace her based on the outcome of the investigation,” were further questions James posed on the matter.
Education Minister Silveria Jacobs requested an adjournment to respond to these and other questions posed. She is expected back in the halls of parliament any time after November 5. The second agenda point that of the youth and policy is still to be discussed in the legislature.

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