Davelaar: Schotte unable to stop interim-cabinet

POSTED: 09/18/12 12:48 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte is unable to prevent the establishment of an interim cabinet. That is the opinion of PNP-leader Humphrey Davelaar in a reaction to Schotte’s national address of last Friday. Schotte said that without his cooperation it is not possible to install such a cabinet,

Governor Frits Goedgedrag started consultations with political leaders on Friday to examine the possibilities for the establishment of an interim cabinet. To replace the outgoing Schotte-cabinet until the October 19 elections.
Schotte said on Friday that the governor is free to consult with politicians but that these talks will never lead to an interim-cabinet because his government will never cooperate with this.
Davelaar disagrees with Schotte’s position, the Amigoe reported yesterday. Referring to article 35 of Curacao’s State Regulation that says that the new prime minister has to sign off on the dismissal of his predecessor. About the dismissal of the other ministers Davelaar said that Schotte has already signed for it when he offered the dismissal of his cabinet to the governor. The elucidation on the article states that the new Prime Minister is able to sign for the dismissal of his predecessor.

Another card up Schotte’s sleeve is that the outgoing Prime Minister has to sign the request to screen new cabinet members. Davelaar also rejects this argument. He claims that the governor also has the authority to request the screening.
Davelaar refers to article 24 of the governor’s regulation. This states that all national organizations have to cooperate at the governor’s request with the execution of the tasks that are mentioned in the regulation. According to Davelaar this also applies to the Intelligence service VDC that is tasked with the screening,

While the constitutional crisis continues, yesterday morning another Central Committee meeting was canceled. This would have been a meeting with outgoing Public Health, environment and Nature minister Jacinta Scoop-Constancia – a member of Schotte’s MFK-party – about the latest developments at the analytic diagnostic center.

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