Danielle Carbonneau first to be Miss Elite 

POSTED: 10/20/14 6:26 PM

St. Maarten – Danielle Carbonneau will be the first female from St. Martin to participate in the Miss Elite Model Look which is said to  give young aspiring women the chance to become models. Director of Elite John Bilboa said that they are “looking at young women between the ages of 14 and 22 and 1.72meters in height.” He explained that the Miss Elite Model Look is in about 60 countries and is there to basically discover the new faces for the agency.

He pointed out that the agency was founded by John Casablanca in Paris in 1972 and since then it has produced some of the very top models in the business today such as Cindy Crawford and Giselle Bundchen who came out of Elite. “For us it is very exciting to organize something in St. Maarten for the first time and we are looking to 2015 to give the girls the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and I am sure that they will find it beautiful and interesting as these girls will become super models,” said Bilboa.

He said this is not a beauty contest but a modeling contest where they determine if the girls that they chose are photogenic, if they have the right personality and if their skin is good. “They do not necessarily have to be an ambassador of the island.” He explained that when a young woman is chosen, she will be trained and go on to the international finals. Prior to that they are sent to what was described as a “boot camp” where they are trained to walk, how to pose for a photograph, what they should be wearing.

“We teach them what they should be like as a model, so that they are able to work in the major cities such as New York, London and Paris and be presented to clients such as the fashion editors, top designers and top photographers,” he said. With this type of exposure they are able to do things like lottery campaigns or beauty campaigns. He mentioned that their clients are looking for models that are at different levels and premiered properly and as a result this contest prepares these models to do just that, he said.

He further pointed out that Danielle Carbonneau has potential, the determination, and the personality and is photogenic.  He said that even though she may have a lot to learn she will be able to make it at the competition.

The Learning Unlimited Preparatory student Danielle Carbonneau said that she is super excited that she was selected. She mentioned that now that she has been selected, she is preparing herself mentally and physically as she digests the idea the she will be leaving for China to do the international modeling competition.

She plans to continue to “workout and eat right” so that hopefully everything will be alright, she said.

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