Daniel Gibbs expresses anger at President Gumbs over budget

POSTED: 05/4/11 1:42 PM

MARIGOT/St. Martin  – During the press conference held at the recently inaugurated location of the Union for Democracy, its president, Daniel Gibbs, expressed his soreness with regards to the decisions of President Gumbs, which have put Saint Martin into a difficult budgetary situation.

“I feel angry, firstly because the office of the Inspection of the Finances had notified the President, in its report issued back in 2009. From the very beginning, the budget was polluted by extensively artificial overflow stated for the fiscal year 2008, which allowed its seeming balance. I feel angry because regardless the received notification and the consequences caused by an insincere budget, the President still took Saint Martin into a dead-end. Today, we are facing the chaos and the tutorship.  Here is the biter bitten, and the worst is that Saint Martin has to pay for his mistakes!”

Daniel Gibbs recalled his attempts undertaken during the past year to avoid the present situation: from the request to create the Ad Hoc Commission in charge of the tax system back in June 2010, to the offer of assistance in finding valid solutions at the Territorial Council held last February. “The President does not preside, but reigns! The favouritism substitutes politics and not the collegiality.”

The President of UD (the Union pour la Democratie – ed.) has put forward possible solutions with regards to the current emergency. “Did we request from different companies belonging to the Collectivité to pay their dues?

Did we consider to re-establish, at least in order to cope with the emergency, hastily eliminated taxes? Did we consider the possibility for the Collectivité, coping with the silent State, to start up our own Tax Recovery Squad?  Did we properly clear all budgets pertaining to consultants and subcontractors? Did we estimate how foreign private investments could relieve the Collectivité of certain expenses, as well as to produce substantial royalties?

Gibbs has now requested an immediate extraordinary meeting of the Territorial Council.

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