Damaged cabinet leads to “isolated” interruption

POSTED: 01/18/12 12:09 PM

The Damaged Telem cabinet - Sucker Garden Road

St. Maarten – Telem Group says it is working to restore service to customers in Sucker Garden and adjoining areas like parts of the Keys and Arch Road as quickly as possible. All of the affected customers are connected to a telephone cabinet near the Flanders property in the center of Sucker Garden Road that was damaged when a car collided with it early Monday morning.
“We are attempting to restore the cabinet as quickly as we can but due to circumstances beyond our control it may take longer than normal to replace the cabinet and reconnect customer numbers,” Outside Plant Manager Anthony Carty said.
Technicians are busy with the repairs and have already started the process of restoring the damaged telephone lines. The process includes compensation from third parties for the cost of replacing the damaged equipment and also possibly the loss of business.

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Damaged cabinet leads to “isolated” interruption by

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