Curacao’s Hodge cabinet resigned yesterday

POSTED: 03/28/13 12:45 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – During the weekly Council of Ministers’ meeting, Prime Minister Daniel Hodge has decided to turn in the resignation of his cabinet to the Governor of Curacao. The cabinet is now a demissionary government and the process of forming a new government can start.

A new “formateur” will be appointed. This is done by the governor under recommendation of Parliament. This formateur will then start the process of forming a political government. The formateur will also start the screening process of the candidate ministers for the new Government.

According to reports, the government will resign because of the issues around the new hospital of Curacao. The coalition leaders are in favor of building the hospital in Otrabanda but there are some ministers that are not in favor of that decision. These ministers are of the opinion that the hospital should be built on the former Amstel site.

According to the leader of Pueblo Soberano, Helmin Wiels, the coalition partners are currently negotiating the formation of a new political government with the support of Pueblo Soberano, Pais, PNP and Independent Member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran.

Last year, during the negotiations for a transitional government, it was agreed that this government would be appointed for three to six months and will be followed by a political government. Wiels believes that it is only logical that the process starts this way. According to the PS leader, the parties are currently trying to see who they want to appoint as ministers in the new government. The political party Man, currently sidelined, has also indicated that they are willing to be part of the government. According to Wiels, there are no direct negotiations with the blue party.



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