Curacao zoo to assist St. Maarten

POSTED: 02/5/15 6:40 PM

The St. Maarten Zoological park will be assisted with improvements through  an initiative of the Curacao Zoological Park according to the Manager of the Curacao Zoological Park and Nature Resort Hubert Isenia. He explained  that because the zoos are not affiliated to other Zoos from around the world that can support the parks they have to assist each other.

According to Isenia Curacao is looking for membership in the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) and because this was his initial visit to the island where he met with the zoo officials here they are looking at ways to assist each other. He opined that the zoo should be a “special place for family social events” and further more the local community should recognize the importance of this park and support it.

He pointed out that the zoo is important for the development and the education of the youth and noted from this visit and speaking with the officials that the St. Maarten Zoo and Botanical Park needs financial help and volunteers. Isenia said that in Curacao they are looking at corporate social responsibilities which will come with the initiative such as “giving value to what is ours” which is giving back.

He called on the community to start giving at least five dollars per month and they will see a big change in the park if they do not want “to get their hands dirty.” He commended the board of the St. Maarten zoo for the work that they have been doing with the little resources that they receive. He plans to make regular trips to the island to support the local zoo.

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