Curacao tackles ghost civil servants

POSTED: 10/27/14 5:05 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Curacao is taking action against ghost civil servants. That appears from reports in several media. The country terminated the contracts of nine civil servants who were falsely on prolonged sick leave. One of them is Norbert George, implementation manager at the ministry of Social Development, Labor and Wellbeing.

All in all, 77 civil servants in Curacao are not at work for different reasons. A group of 22 is on genuine prolonged sick leave, but the remaining 55 are at home because of a labor conflict, or an ongoing investigation. An unknown number simply does not show up for work but still cashes a salary every month.

The Minister of Administration, Planning and Service, Etienne van der Horst signed the decrees that terminate the contracts of the nine civil servants. Van der Horst confirmed this to radio station Z86 on Thursday.

The Council of Minister mandated Van der Horst to take action against non-active civil servants. He is currently investigating the list of 55. “Those who have been ill for a long time will be dealt with through Arbo Consult. We have decided to apply the rules and to cut the salaries of those who have been home for more than two years by 10 percent. For some of them this was the reason to return to work.”

Van der Horst said that soon civil servants that have been home for more than three years will lose 20 percent of their salary. “We do take the circumstances into account,” he said. We do not touch people who are terminally ill.”

Norbert George was appointed implementation manager at the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Wellbeing in October 2010. The relationship ended more than a year ago, but George kept receiving his salary. On Wednesday, the Council of Ministers received legal advice about the situation and they were reason for Minister Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia to terminate the contract.

The Antilliaans Dagblad reported that George is a former Island Council member and a former politician for different parties. He is the author of the anonymous document The CBCS-Connection that badmouths countless citizens. George stopped showing up for work more than a year ago.

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