Curacao political parties close to new government

POSTED: 10/25/12 12:12 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao –Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels expects the parties PS, MFK and MAN to sign an intention statement today for the formation of a new government for Curaçao. Both MAN and MFK have agreed to sign the document.
The political leaders already met last Saturday to discuss the election results during which an intention statement was drafted.
Political party MAN included ‘mutual respect’ in the declaration, which is not an issue for Wiels. Although the MFK is basically willing to sign the document, political leader Gerrit Schotte asked for a meeting with the three leaders before signing the document.
A possible problem during the formation is the screenings law published on October 18. The MFK has problems with this law, for obvious reasons but this is not a priority for Wiels’ party. “The law has been published and we must follow it.”
The formation is a priority and must conclude before November 2, otherwise we risk higher supervision if the interim government resigns. And I will not allow that,” Wiels said.

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Curacao political parties close to new government by

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