Curacao factions want meeting on Central Bank controversy

POSTED: 05/27/11 12:29 PM

WILLEMSTAD\GREAT BAY – Faction leaders in Curacao’s Parliament have called for a public meeting on the current dispute between the Director of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten Emsley Tromp and members of the Schotte Cabinet. They made the request during a Senioeren Convent meeting on Thursday morning that also included Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and the Finance Minister George “Jorge” Jamaloodin. The faction leaders are also willing to hear Tromp’s side in private.
Thursday’s Senioeren Convent was called because of the allegations that Tromp and the several members of the Schotte cabinet have traded in the past 24 hours. Both have accused one another of shady dealings and the Prime Minister wrote and requested to meet the faction leaders. Ahead of the meeting Asjes said the goal is to gather information that will be used in the decision making.
“There are heavy accusations over and over again in this case. If you want to accuse someone of something, then you must also have proof. So I expect there will be papers on the table that these accusations are substantiated. As a Parliament we want clarity. We will hear all parties and then make a decision,” Asjes said.

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