Critically Positive Radio on the air again

POSTED: 01/16/12 12:23 PM

St. Martin – Critically Positive Radio (CPR) starts broadcasting again today on Youth Radio 92.5 FM. The daily morning show hosted by Lenworth Wilson Jr. (Dj-LJ) airs Monday to Friday from ten o’clock in the morning until twelve noon. CPR has been able to inject motivation and inspiration into the airwaves, providing YR’s varied, but especially youth audience with a much needed boost for a positive and productive day. The program took a break from its live broadcasting last December and promised to return with added energy and vibrant structure. Listeners can expect new music, live interviews, local and international news, and new segments including “Soul Food”, “Just Kidding”, “Choices” and more.

According to station management, “Dj-LJ joined the Youth Radio team with a vision of producing high-quality programs that are motivating, inspirational, educational as well as entertaining. Wilson mixes his Christian faith, social opinions, and his passion for people, especially the youth, in his programs. His love for the community and the youth of St. Maarten/St. Martin continues to be a driving force behind his timely broadcasts.”

Wilson also hosts Words of Wisdom and Worship Radio, on Sunday mornings from ten thirty to twelve noon. The objective of this program is to usher an atmosphere of worship with a youthful vibe while imparting timely words of wisdom and encouragement from the scriptures as well as everyday life and current writings. The program offers listeners a powerful and energetic worship experience to feed the soul. The first broadcast is next Sunday.

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