Criminal gang charged with manslaughter, armed robberies

POSTED: 01/27/11 2:39 PM

St. Maarten –A criminal gang of eight suspects aged between 19 and 26 will have its day in court on March 16 to answer to more than ten charges that include the manslaughter on the Dutchman W.J. Romeijn on October 16 of last year. The other crimes include seven armed robberies, several burglaries, attempted manslaughter, car theft, and the membership of a criminal organization. They were committed between March 6 and October 21 of last year.
The apparent leader of the gang is Stevie Adolphus R., 24; he is involved in all the charges brought forth by the prosecution. Alescio Elvio V., 21, has eight charges to his name, Jules Cesar E.-V., 22, Omar N., 20, 6, and three others 5. The eight defendant is charged with one crime.
Of the gang, Jules Cesar E.V. has a criminal record. In October 2008, just one week before his twentieth birthday, the Court in First Instance sentenced him to four years for an armed robbery and an attempted burglary. Of the sentence, three years were suspended; because the court imposed a probation period of three years, the suspended part of this verdict could come into play when this defendant is judged in March.
Four of the defendants are charged with the armed robbery that cost Romeijn his life on October 16 of last year. The robbers cut off Romeijn with their car, chased him through Mullet Bay and attacked him. They kicked and hit him, roughly body-searched him, threatened to kill him and stuffed him in the boot of his own car.
Romeijn managed to get out of the car when it was driving at high speed and he later succumbed to his injuries.
A week before this brutal robbery a similar incident took place in Dawn Beach whereby A Canadian tourist and a passenger in his car were attacked.

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Criminal gang charged with manslaughter, armed robberies by

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