Creativity sparkles at fashion week

POSTED: 10/28/13 12:36 PM

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Young models show the work of different designers and their own talents. Photos Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – When it comes to fashion, age is just another number. The designers behind the array of fashionable lines of clothing are of vital importance. The models that were strutting the stage attired in those pieces during the first night of St Maarten Fashion Week on Saturday at the Philipsburg Cultural Center put it all on display.

The event was designed to provide a platform for eleven creative designers and artists to showcase their pieces and to afford aspiring and professional models to show exactly how it’s done on stage.

Such events also allow potential buyers to establish a working relationship with designers and that is something that the fashion industry has to do on a regular basis in order to survive. Marilyna Boston is the brains behind this first fashion week. The vent helped to boost the self-confidence of the little and young models on the island.

Among the designers whose work was on display were Jolie Duzon, Maza Rombley (Diva In Me), Akeem Adams, Shanner Azuredee, Sandraann Massac, Theo Chris Designs, Magueda Jackson, La Risch, the artist, Casual Behaviour, Zillah Duzon Hazel and Tropical Hair and last but not least Marilyna Boston.

This event will help to put St Maarten in the fashion lime light in future publications on Millmodbook’s Blog cap mod, 37 Shades, Caribbean Posh, Josveek Huligar and Caribbean Beauty and Fashions.

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