Court suspends detention Bada Bing robbery suspects

POSTED: 09/8/11 11:48 AM

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance suspended the detention of two suspects in the March 7 robbery at adult entertainment club Bada Bing in Simpson Bay to give the prosecutor’s office the opportunity to track down the main suspect in the case, Kenny D. American born Jimmey Dave R., 34, and Bada Bing’s former bookkeeper, Romanian Ramona Sonia L., 32, will now await in freedom the trial’s continuation which is scheduled for December 14. Both suspects had to turn over their passports to the prosecutor’s office to prevent them from leaving the country.
Kenny D. is considered the main suspect in the robbery that cost Bada Bing $16,000 in cash. But the suspect was released from prison because of the cell capacity shortage and subsequently deported to his native Dominica. However, D. has in the meantime reportedly returned to St. Maarten and has been spotted several times. So far, police have been unable to re-arrest him.
The former bookkeeper informed others involved in the crime via her Blackberry about the exact moment when the money was leaving the club. Kenny D., who is considered as the man who did the actual robbery, pulled a gun on two people sitting in a car outside the club and he hit one of them with his weapon in the face.
Where Jimmey R. fits in is unclear; yesterday his attorney mr. J.J. de Vrieze submitted a statement of his employer to the court that established an alibi for the time of the crime, but prosecutor mr. G. van der Wulp dismissed its relevance. The employer is currently in the United States and there is no possibility for the prosecution to hear him and verify his statement.
During an earlier court hearing in June, the prosecution had asked to postpone the trial because a witness had only been heard a couple of days earlier at the Judge of Instruction. Mr. Bloem also wanted a postponement because he wanted to hear Kenny D. as a witness. Yesterday Bloem stuck to his right to hear this witness, but Jimmey R.’s attorney was ready to proceed and forgo this right.
De Vrieze also said that the statement of one witness was tainted because his father had an outstanding debt of $800 at the Sheik supermarket Jimmey R. was managing; there had been an argument about the money, after R. stopped giving store credit to the father.
Judge mr. M. Keppels rejected a request by mr. De Vrieze to hear two additional witnesses because they were not able to say anything about the actual robbery. She ruled that hearing the other witnesses, including the elusive Kenny D., is in the interest of the investigation and for this purpose she sent the case back to the Judge of Instruction.
Though the Judge said that there were still serious objections to set the two suspects free, she ruled that their interest in awaiting their trial in freedom was more important. The Judge therefore suspended Jimmey R.’s and Ramona L.’s detention on the condition that they adhere to the following conditions; they are not allowed to evade execution in case the court revokes the suspension and they have to turn over their passports to the prosecutor’s office.
Judge Keppels postponed the trial until December 14, even though it is already clear that that day there will another postponement because L.’s attorney mr. Bloem announced to the court that he will be off-island at that time.

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