Court sends addicted burglar to Turning Point

POSTED: 01/19/12 1:31 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance suspended custody for 37-year-old Marvin Victor Lake on the condition that he reports this morning around eleven o’clock to Turning Point to enter a rehabilitation program. He has to abide by instructions from the Center and stay at Turning Point for as long as is necessary for treatment.

Lake stood trial yesterday morning for a burglary on September 1 in the Sunset Bar, the theft of a car on October 26, and a burglary at a company called Secret Eye Services on November 25 of last year.

The defendant explained to the court that he is addicted to crack and cocaine. “I wanted to drink something and I wanted some money to buy drugs,” he said about the burglary at the Sunset Bar where he took bottles of alcohol and cash.

He denied the car-theft, saying that the vehicle in question was parked in front of his house and that he went to investigate. He saw that the steering column was damaged and realized the car must have been stolen. He took a bag with tools out of the car with the plan to sell it later on. He denied that there had been a radio, cash or a camera in the vehicle.

The defendant claimed he found computers and security systems that were stolen from Secret Eye Services in the bushes near his house.

Lake was first arrested on September 19 and released on October 17. Ten days later he was arrested again and since that time has been detained in Pointe Blanche.

Prosecutor mr. Dounia Benammar proposed to the court to adjourn the case and to give the defendant the opportunity to go to turning Point for treatment. “I propose to suspend your custody starting Thursday morning, but you must go by yourself to Turning Point. If you don’t do it, I’ll have you arrested again,” she said. The prosecutor added that the same action will follow if Lake leaves the rehabilitation program without Turning Point’s permission.

Attorney mr. Geert Hatzmann had little to add. “This is a perfect plan. You took away all the ground from under my feet.”

Judge mr. Monique Keppels followed the prosecutor’s demand and explained the conditions for his custody’s suspension in detail. “I hope you will accept the chance we are offering you here,” she said.

Lake will return to court on March 7. By then the prosecution wants to have an idea about how the defendant is handling his rehabilitation, and take the development into account for formulating a demand for the three charges.

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