Court ruling Wathey estate now irrevocable

POSTED: 10/5/11 12:46 PM

St. Maarten – The June 24 ruling by the Common Court of Justice that entitles Norman Chester Wathey II, formerly Leo Hughes, to his share in the estate of his biological father Norman Chester Wathey has become irrevocable. On September 26, two days after the three-month term for filing cassation, the Supreme Court in The Hague notified Wathey II that the heirs had not taken any action.
In June, the Common Court ruled that Wathey II is entitled to the legitimate portion of the estate on equal footing with four of the six other heirs. The court ordered all six heirs to split the estate accordingly.
The court ordered notary Francis Gijsbertha to recognize Wathey II as heir and to involve him in the settlement of the estate.

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Court ruling Wathey estate now irrevocable by

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