Court reopens investigation into 2009 Pelican robberies

POSTED: 11/30/14 11:07 PM

St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice reopened the investigation against Robertson Craig Peter yesterday. In April, the Court in First Instance acquitted Peter of the murder of businessman Haresh Dayalani on May 26, 2009, but sentenced him for his role in two armed robberies at the Pelican Resort (Now Simpson Bay Resort and Marina) on May 13 and 14 of the same year to a prison term of 8 years.

On appeal, the solicitor-general again demanded 18 years against the defendant. The Appeals

Court followed the lower court in its ruling to acquit Peter of the Dayalani-murder. It found however that the investigation into the Pelican- Resort-robberies was incomplete.

The evidence against Peter rests on the statements of two co-defendants, but the defense has expressed doubts about the reliability of these statements.

“Because these two witnesses play a central role in the evidence, while otherwise the file offers insufficient supporting evidence for their statements, the court considers it necessary to hear the co-defendants as witnesses,” the court ruling states.

The court has now summoned these co-defendants – Candice Eliane P. (42) and Cindy W. 35) to appear in court on Thursday January 29 of next year – to be heard as witnesses.

On May 13, 2009, Peter and others robbed the Pelican Resort of around $300, a laptop and a couple of cell phones. The next day, the robbers came back and robbed $8,000 in cash, whereby they taped the mouths of the employees that were in the resort’s office.

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Court reopens investigation into 2009 Pelican robberies by

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