Court postpones Snowflake-trial after defendant’s murder

POSTED: 05/27/11 1:58 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance postponed the Snowflake-trial yesterday in the wake of the murder of one of the defendants, Cappuccino-owner Hector Miguel Arrindell, until August 24.
Only one of the defendants, 35-year-old Martinois Michel Jean E. appeared in court yesterday morning.
Prosecutor mr. A. Angela asked the court to declare the prosecution inadmissible in the case of Hector Miguel Arrindell. With his untimely death his prosecution ended.
Attorney mr. S.R. Bommel who represents Arrindell and his brother Rodolfo asked the court to postpone the case for obvious reasons. mr. R.M. stomp, E.’s attorney, supported the request.
Angela said that he “understood the request” but that he did not share the attorney’s opinion. “Today we’re dealing with a technical matter and it was the choice of the defendants not to come to court,” he said. I ask the court to proceed.”
Judge mr. M. Keppels sided with the defendants. “The death of a brother is reason to postpone this case. The defendants have the right to attend this hearing, even if it is only about a technical matter. I also prefer to deal with all cases together.”
The technical matter prosecutor Angela referred to is a court ruling on the (in)admissibility of the prosecution. Under normal circumstances, Judge Keppels would have taken her decision about this yesterday, but now this will have to wait until August. If the Judge rules that the prosecution is inadmissible due to a deliberately antedated report in the case file, the prosecution against all defendants will end. If the ruling goes the other way, the court will set a date for the actual trial.

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