Court orders demolition of illegal garage in Cole Bay

POSTED: 03/25/14 8:23 PM

St. Maarten – Wilfred Laurore has to demolish a garage he built on a property in Cole Bay and he has to remove all car wrecks from the site as well. The Court in First Instance gave the order yesterday morning in a ruling in summary proceedings initiated by the property-owner, Norman Chester Wathey. The court ruling notes that Wathey intends to start a touristic company – Sentry Hill Hiking Tours – on the property where Laurore rents a house for $250 per month.

Laurore built a garage on the property and has amassed a collection of cars and wrecks around it. Wathey obtained permission from the rent committee to terminate the rent contract, but Laurore successfully appealed this decision in court. Wathey appealed this ruling, but the court points out that such an appeal is not possible.

The court ruling drily notes that the relationship between Wathey and his tenant is – at least – sub-optimal.

Wathey demanded in summary proceedings that Laurore demolish the garage and that he stops fixing cars on his property. The first court hearing on February 7 was adjourned to give the court the opportunity to visit the property for an assessment. On March 14, parties were back in court.

The court ruled that the lease-contract for the house has no bearing on the garage Laurore built or on the cars and wrecks he brought to the property. “This violates Wathey’s property-rights,” the court ruled, adding that it grants the demand to demolish the garage and to remove the cars.

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Court orders demolition of illegal garage in Cole Bay by

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