Court moves manslaughter trial after witness fails to show up

POSTED: 01/10/13 12:50 PM

St. Maarten – Jason Omar M. came to court for nothing after a witness in his attempted manslaughter-case did not show up. The prosecution wants to hear this witness because she changed the statement she made to the police in front of the judge of instruction.

The witness is actually the victim of the crime M. is accused off. On October 3 of last year an argument between the defendant and the woman, with whom he lived in the same house at the time, had an argument that ended badly. M. allegedly shot the woman in her leg, and initially she identified him to the police as the shooter. But when she was heard at the judge of instruction, she changed her story.

That this would happen was already clear when a police officer came to her house for her to sign the statement she had made to the police. She said that it had all been a mistake and that she did not want anything to do with the case anymore.

When the witness did not show up yesterday afternoon, the court made an attempt to reach her by phone, but to no avail.

M.’s attorney Mr. Brenda Brooks objected to the postponement of the case. “My client pertinently denies the charges. We want clarity now. I do not expect that the witness will change the statement she made to the judge of instruction.”

Prosecutor Van der Wulp, who had earlier refused to give up the witness objected to the objection: “We have opposing statements here and the judge ought to convince herself of the witness’ reliability.”

Judge Tijhuis agreed with the prosecutor. “It is of imminent importance to hear this witness, because she has changed her statement.”

The court moved the trial to January 23 to the dismay of the defendant who muttered that he was “locked up for nothing.”


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