Court denies robber release from pretrial detention

POSTED: 06/10/11 1:37 PM

St. Maarten – Omar Alexander R., 22, will remain behind bars until his trial date on August 10. Yesterday, the Court in First Instance denied a request by the defendant’s attorney mr. A.A. Kraaijeveld to suspend the pretrial detention.

R. is charged with involvement in an armed robbery and kidnapping that occurred on March 18 when three men entered the home of a man and his girlfriend near the Paradise Plaza Casino in Simpson Bay. They stole three cell phones, a wallet with $1,500, a bulletproof vest, a watch and some other items.

The robbers threatened the victim and his girlfriend in his apartment and in the presence of children with a firearm, hit him with a bludgeon and told him, “You know what we came for. You know where the stuff is. You’re gonna take us to it right now. Put on your shirt.”

They then forced the man to get into a car with them. Omar R. is accused of having regulated the traffic near the casino, thereby enabling the other robbers to drive off with their kidnapped victim.

“The video footage only shows that my client was there,” Kraaijeveld said, not that he was in any way involved.”

Prosecutor mr. M.L.P. Ridderbeks objected to Kraaijeveld’s request to suspend the detention, and Judge mr. M. Keppels agreed with her that there are sufficient reasons to keep the defendant behind bars.

The trial was moved to August 10 because the investigation is not complete yet.


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