Court allows extradition Aruban suspect to the US

POSTED: 03/16/15 12:56 PM

ORANJESTAD – The Common Court of Justice considers the request by American authorities to extradite the 26-year-old Aruban drugs-suspect Christopher C. admissible. This means that governor Fredis Refunjol will be advised to agree with the request, Jackeliene Geeve reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

If the suspect does not go to the Supreme Court for cassation, he will be extradited to the United States within the next couple of weeks. Christopher C. did not want to react to a question about the steps he intends to undertake next. “Christopher is currently too much affected by his situation to react,” his attorney said.

Christopher C. said earlier that he fears extradition, because his rights are not sufficiently protected in the United States. He is not the only one fearing for his future. Loud sobbing in the tribune shows that his family members are also affected. Christopher C. is a suspect in the transport of ten kilos of cocaine. He is the father of two small children. His wife fears that they will not see their father for a long time.

The Common Court has established that the extradition request meets the requirements from the extradition treaty the Kingdom has with the US. It also meets the criteria established in the extradition decree of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten.

If the suspect goes in cassation, the extradition will be put on hold. In that case, extradition is only possible after the Supreme Court has pronounced its ruling.



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Court allows extradition Aruban suspect to the US by

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