Court adjourns trial about traffic accident

POSTED: 10/17/14 4:04 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance adjourned the trial against Kurt R. because the prosecution wants to hear two police officers at the Judge of Instruction about what really happened on March 28 on the Pondfill Road.

The 46-year-old defendant was hauled to court because he had caused a minor accident. Police charged that, after they had arrived, the defendant had driven away at high speed with screeching tires whereby a woman had to jump out of the way to avoid being overrun.

Attorney Shaira Bommel brought four witnesses to court – one of them a brother of the defendant – who all told a story that does not tally with the police report that forms the basis of the court case.

The witnesses declared under oath and independently from each other, that the defendant had not driven away at high speed, and that, contrary to what the police claimed in its report, the officers had not immediately pursued him after he had driven away from the scene of the accident. None of the witnesses had heard the officers tell the defendant that he was not allowed to drive his car anymore because they found him inebriated. The only thing one witness picked up was, “It is better that you do not drive,” but that did not sound like an explicit prohibition.

Prosecutor Tineke Kamps told the court that, after hearing the witnesses, she found it necessary to hear the police officers as well. This will happen within the next two months at the Judge of Instruction. Judge Smid wants to handle the case before he finishes his interim-term per January 1.


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