Court adjourns stabbing-trial

POSTED: 08/9/13 1:22 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance adjourned the trial of Andrew Cosmos Junior J. until November 13, because his attorney Safira Ibrahim had insufficient time to discuss the final report about the case with her client.

The 18-year-old defendant appeared heavily medicated in court, yawning in his chair and slurring his speech. When he was finally taken out of the courtroom, prosecutor Dounia Benammar asked the police officers to ask the prison not to medicate the young man before his next court appearance.

Andrew J. is accused of a stabbing that took place on April 18. He has not denied stabbing his victim, but his attorney did not want to continue with the case yesterday, citing insufficient time to discuss details with her client. The prosecution is charging the defendant with attempted manslaughter and if that does not hold up, with causing serious bodily harm or ill-treatment with a weapon.

Prosecutor Benammar acknowledged that the final report had indeed only become available the day before the trial, but that it did not contain anything new. “I do not see why we cannot handle the case today,” she said.

Attorney Ibrahim however insisted. “I have had insufficient time to prepare this and if the court wants to continue I will have to desist.”

That left no other option than an adjournment. The case will now come to court on November 13.

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