Court acquits teenager of committing armed robbery

POSTED: 08/18/11 3:05 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance acquitted Jimey Everton B., 19, of taking part in an armed robbery on the Rhine Road in Maho on March 5 whereby two American tourists were robbed of their rental car. At last week’s trial it appeared already that the evidence against the defendant was extremely weak, but the prosecution demanded nevertheless a 2-year prison sentence. Judge mr. M. Keppels’ ruling did not come as a surprise.
“The court considers it legally and convincingly proven that the defendant committed the crime and he will be acquitted,” the brief court ruling read.

Two American tourists were confronted by a man brandishing a machete on March 5 around 10:30 at night on the Rhine Road. He screamed at them that they had to get out of their car. The frightened women complied, and the machete-wielding robber drove off with their vehicle. Because he had a tee shirt pulled over his face, the tourists were unable to identify him.
Police spotted the stolen car on April 14 on the Joaquin Yrasquin Boulevard. Attempts to stop the car failed, shots were fired, but the three men who were in the car managed to escape.

Investigators found Jimey B.’s iPhone and a bankbook in the name of his grandmother Shirley in the car. His fingerprints were on the car’s hood and on a CD-box in the glove compartment.
B. was arrested weeks later, on April 23. He spent a month behind bars and was eventually released on May 24.

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