Country Garden suspects sentenced to 24 years

POSTED: 03/2/15 9:55 PM

KRALENDIJK  – The Public Prosecutor’s Office for the BES-islands is satisfied with the court rulings in the Country Garden double homicide case, but it will still study the rulings carefully and discuss internally the option of appeal, Belkis Osepa writes on Caribisch Netwerk.

While the suspects Gerson Cueto Pacheco and Carlos Wanga were not found guilty of premeditated murder, Judge Irma Lips still sentenced both men to 24 years of imprisonment, thereby following the prosecution’s demand. Two other suspects were acquitted of involvement in the double murder that took place in January of last year. During an earlier court hearing two more suspects were acquitted.

“The judge was very specific in her ruling about what exactly took place at the crime scene. Maybe that will be the reason for us to appeal the verdicts. According to the judge, this was not premeditated murder. The other parties also have the option to appeal. This is why we will take our time to read the rulings carefully,” said Norman Serphos, the spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Rayan Frans, whom the prosecution considers as the main suspect still has to be tried. He is currently detained in the Netherlands and will appear in court on June 3 for a pro forma hearing.

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Country Garden suspects sentenced to 24 years by

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