Cosplayers set tone for Video X Games

POSTED: 07/26/13 11:43 AM

St. Maarten – One the eve of the highly anticipated 4th annual VXG Games, some of the visiting gamers representing 48 countries showed off their lighter sides while interacting with a group of Cosplayers for rare photo opportunities.

The various costumes that was worn by the Cosplayers replicated characters from movies, books and video games just to name a few right down to the hilt. In doing so, they were able to demonstrate the kind of hospitality and friendliness that is customary among the residents of the friendly island.

According to  Rolando Bryson, the Vice President of the St Maarten Video X Games Foundation, the registrations have been closed off and the final entry is in the vicinity of 360 gamers and another 30 specially invited guests.

The 160 local gamers will be expected to give a good account of themselves going up against some of the best in the business including a few who has just participated in the world championships which took place in Las Vegas.

But in order for the games to run in a smooth and effective manner without technical and other form of hitches, a team of I.T specialists along with two groups of judges will be in charge of the daily proceedings.

Wendell Charles Moore Junior, has been saddled with the responsibility as the Chief I.T specialists and when one considers over three hundred players in two rooms occupying tables with television screens or televisions, team effort will be the order of the day, literally.

“We are more impressed and motivated by the local entries which has more than doubled this year,” Moore started out by saying. According to Moore, that increase can be attributed to the weekly Soggy Sundays, whose objective was to encourage gamers to get involved.

According to Moore, finally the local gamers have an opportunity to meet some of the gamers they have been following on television and on stream and the staging of this event can now be added to the list of events which contributes to sports tourism.

“ I see this as an un tapped market because the average amount of people that stay home and play these games can be compared by those who plays outdoor events. There are much bigger tournaments that take place in the USA and other countries. We now have an opportunity to not only showcase the abilities of the top gamers, but also market ourselves while integrating with gamers from the visiting countries,” he added.

Instead of wanting to know, where their sons and sometimes daughters are at any specified hour, the competitiveness among the VXG gamers on the island will result in more kids opting to remain indoors and parents can breath a sigh of relief.

“This is just another avenue that will afford young gamers an opportunity to represent the island and just like some of the other competitive sports, we are just looking for a way for the younger generation to get more involved with something positive.” Moore said.

But to touch on some of the technical aspects of the VXG Games was Dwayne Sorton and among his responsibilities during the competition is to ensure that all televisions and computers are working effectively.

The VXG Games is divided into categories and will be held in two separate rooms. In room A, the fighting games will take place and in room B, the 1st person shooting games and other sports games like NBA, 2 K13.

Some of the more popular games like Mortal Combat, Injustice, which is fairly new on the market will result in fatalities during the competition. Knowing what to do and when to do it can make a huge difference for the participants and without realizing what is about to happen next, a gamer can be eliminated at the blink of an eye sometimes.

“A game can last for up to two minutes and less that all depends on the proficiency among the gamers. One match can last for three rounds if there is a tie breaker, but it will not go over three minutes.

According to Sorton, in the fighting games, it will be a best of five in the beginning and for the finals, it will be a best of seven. While offensive and counter offensive maneuvers can make a difference. Sorton is of the opinion that having a military background does have its advantages sometimes.

Sorton who has been playing the game since 1996 and said that age is not a factor. He pointed out that one of the key attributes of a good gamer is the ability to read what the opponent is about to do.

“When you can read what someone is about to do, if they are offensive, all you have to do is to be defensive and counter whatever he tries to do, but you also have to try to see if the person is trying to bait you.

For the shooting games, the 1st person shooters will have to depend on their basis instincts, familiarity with weapons at their disposal and knowledge of terrain and surroundings. Ironically, Sorton does not believe that having prior military training will be an accet.

“It’s the other way around because these games give the participants military training, when you play a game like ‘Call of Duty.’ It is not as realistic as ‘Medal of Honor’ or ‘Battlefield’ when prior training can be an advantage.” Sorton noted.

The tournament will kick off officially as of today and will conclude on Sunday with a grand party at Kim Sha Beach. As far as the games is concerned, there will only be one winner in each category and that will only be known late Sunday afternoon.

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