Corporation, MP distance Dominican community from recent violence

POSTED: 04/20/11 12:18 PM

St. Maarten– The President of the Marigot Dominica/St. Maarten Development Corporation Jonah Doram and faction leader of the United People’s (UP) Party Romain Laville have condemned the actions of the three Dominicans police have detained for three of the year’s five murders. They have also said the actions of the trio are not typical of Dominicans living here.

Doram said the corporation is very disturbed by what happened and they “condemn the action.”

“We very much sympathize with the family and we call on Dominicans living here to abide by the laws. We left our country to improve our lives, so let us help to keep the peace,” Doram said.

Laville, whose parents emigrated from Dominica, said the revelations were a shock and “hit close to home.” He also asserted that they did not represent the mindset and attitude of the vast majority of Dominicans living here.

“I applaud the swift work of the task force that handled the investigation and while I understand that everyone must make a living, doing things illegally like running a gypsy taxi helps to cast a bad shadow over all of us and I strongly discourage people from doing that,” Laville said.

The reference to gypsy taxis has to do with the fact that the three men held in connection with the murders – 20 year old S.R., 31 year old C.A.R. and 28 year old J.B.S – had posed as gypsies. Two of them have confessed to robberies, a rape and the three murders and the third confessed to fencing stolen goods.

“I hope this entire thing does not put a stain on all Dominicans and I think much like this group of nationals is taking a stand that all groups in our society must take a stand and help to fight crime,” Laville added.


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Corporation, MP distance Dominican community from recent violence by

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