Corallo loses lawsuit against the Netherlands

POSTED: 01/31/13 11:52 AM

THE HAGUE – Casino boss Francesco Corallo has lost his lawsuit against the Dutch state. The court in the Hague ruled yesterday that the state does not have to rectify claims in a letter from the former Dutch ambassador in Rome Fons Stoelinga to the former Prime Minister of Curacao Gerrit Schotte that Corallo – the owner of the Atlantis World Group and B Plus Giocolegale – has ties with the Sicilian mafia.

Corallo demanded that the state publish a rectification in the Telegraaf, the daily newspaper with the largest circulation in the Netherlands, in which it retracts the allegation.

The court ruled that it has become insufficiently plausible that the state committed a wrongful act against Corallo and that there is no place for the rectification Corallo demands.

“The only rectification that could be demanded from the state is the announcement that it is not responsible for the announcements that were made,” the court ruled. But Corallo did not include this in his request.

“The disadvantage Corallo has experienced is due to the nature of the announcement, the leaking of the letter and the twist given to it in the media,” the court ruled.

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