Cooperating Foundation finances new snoezel room

POSTED: 06/26/12 12:27 PM

St. Maarten – Cooperating Foundation (Samenwerkende Fondsen) presented the board of the White and Yellow Cross Foundation with a cheque for 30, 200 for their so-called “snoezel” room in the new Sister Basilia Daycare from funding agency. “Snoezelen” is a Dutch term for “dozing off” and “exploring” at the same time and has been clinically proven to help clients with Alzheimer’s disease or autism to relax, reduce the need for medication, and make better contact with other people. The former Sister Basilia Center Daycare already had a snoezelroom, but it badly needed to be updated and renewed.

The new room will be used by the 45 disabled clients at the Sister Basilia Center and some of the geriatric patients of the St. Martin’s Home. They will all be able to relax on a waterbed in this multi sensory room while looking at pictures, lava lamps and listening to soothing music.
Members of the Cooperating Foundations’ advisory council also received a tour of the St. Martin’s Home and saw the new furniture purchased with a previous donation and to experience a little bit of the “snoezel” function.

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