Cooper announces new coastline development

POSTED: 11/8/11 6:37 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Spatial Planning Charles Cooper has announced that the 900 meters of coastline from Marie Pampoen to Breezes Curacao Resort will be developed into a boulevard that is freely accessible to the entire population. Cooper had initiated the process to come to a master plan for the project in 2006 when he was a commissioner. Those plans were approved by the Executive Council, but the government that followed did not move forward on the project until close to the time for last year’s election. Their effort includes signing a contract with CCM for the design of the breakwaters to protect the beach.
“This development of the area will create more activity near the coast and transform it into an attractive boulevard for local audiences and especially for the residents of the neighborhood. The expectation is that the value of homes adjacent to the promenade will increase and it will create an attractive place for hospitality establishments to develop,” Cooper said.

The plans call for 50 meters of shoreline to be reclaimed to create a swimming area. It also calls for kiosks to be built where people will be able to buy food, ice cream and trinkets.
“We are currently developing a business plan that will guide the project’s development. Once it’s finished, we’ll seek ways to get the project funded. Several consulting firms had expressed an interest in investing. Back then we estimated the project would cost two million. I expect that now we have a concrete plan that there will still be enthusiasm to invest,” Cooper said.

Chair of the Curacao Hotel and Tourism Association and general manager of Breezes Jeanette Bonet is on record that they support the project and is part of a group that has great willingness to contribute to the development.
“I am convinced that if the project is completed, it will be one of the most beautiful tourist sites where the tourists can meet local people and can become acquainted with the local culture and cuisine,” Bonet said.

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