Controllers close Yan Yang supermarket

POSTED: 03/13/11 8:40 PM

St. Maarten – Expired tin stuff, expired meat and unsanitary living conditions are some of the reasons why Yang Sang Supermarket on the Sucker Garden main road was forced to close down after an impromptu check by Health Inspectors, Economic Controllers and firemen on Friday morning.
The visit was a follow-up to a previous check where the supermarket’s management was told to clean up the shelves and store and get rid of the expired goods. Packages of meat products like ox-tail and salami that were expired were among the goods confiscated for destruction at the latest check.
Officers also closed down the living quarters and food preparation area behind the supermarket calling them “inhumane, unsanitary and a construction scene that is in total chaos.”
“This was a time bomb waiting to explode, so we had to draw the line,” J.R. Wilmans of the Inspection Department said.
The supermarket’s management has been ordered to carry out a total clean up. Once they’ve done it, including removing the expired goods and cleaning up the facility, the inspectors will return for a third visit. If things are in order they’ll be allowed to re-open.

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