Consumer prices Sint Maarten October 2014

POSTED: 11/30/14 11:08 PM

St. Maarten – Prices have increased slightly compared to August 2014. The consumer price index for St. Maarten has increased in the month of October 2014 by 0.2 percent compared to that of August 2014. When comparing average consumer prices over a twelve month period (Aug. 2013 to Aug. 2014), an increase of 2.1 percent was recorded compared to the same period one year earlier. This is evident from the data released by the Department of Statistics (STAT) yesterday.

The price index recorded in October 2014 is 127.0. There was an overall modest increase in expenditure in October 2014. Four of the nine expenditure categories became slightly cheaper, whilst four became more expensive and one remained unchanged. Amongst the more expensive were the categories; ‘Food’ (+2.1%), ‘Clothing and Footwear’ (+0.3%), ‘Medical Care’ (+1.1%) and ‘Miscellaneous’ (+0.8%); whereas a slight decrease was recorded for the expenditure category ‘Beverages and Tobacco’ (-0.8%),‘Housing

(-0.2%), ‘Household Furnishing & Appliances’ (-0.4%), and ‘Transport & Communication’ (-0.9%). The expenditure category ‘Recreation & Education’ remained unchanged.

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