Construction public services center in Simpson Bay begins next week

POSTED: 09/13/12 1:08 PM

St. Maarten – The construction of a public services center in Simpson Bay should start next week, the cabinet of Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams announced in a press release yesterday.

Wescot-Williams attended a presentation for the center that will house various government services. The PM said stated that government has gone through a long process to decentralize some of the services. “With decentralize I mean to take services closer to the public in general and in this case to take some of government’s vital services over the hill as we like to call it. It has taken a while and it has naturally taken a lot of work and cooperation but I think that finally we are seeing it ready to start in the coming months.”

After Simpson Bay the government intends to set up similar centers in other districts.  “It requires us thinking somewhat outside of the box as far as our own departments are concerned, but once we apply ourselves to completing the project this surely will work in the benefit of the people. For a long time the cry of the Cole Bay and Simpson Bay districts has been for a service area in order for people to not have to travel to town. We also know how it is where some of the queues and lines are concerned and so I am truly excited about this particular start of the public service centers.”

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