Concerns about falling rocks stall Fort Willem project on St. Maarten

POSTED: 01/29/13 12:51 PM

St. Maarten – Minister of Sport Silveria Jacobs reported that while plans for a basketball court in Fort Willem are underway, concerns about falling rocks in the area could stall the process further. She was at time speaking to Parliamentarians during a Central Committee meeting. National Alliance Parliamentarian Hyacinth Richardson had asked the minister to explain why the sports plan for that district appeared to have been stagnated, last month.

On Friday, the minister indicated that the plans were prepared by Pream Consultancy and the building permit is still to be acquired.  Once that is done, the final advice for the project will be forwarded to the Council of Ministers.

Asked the minister to look at the facilities at Fort Willem and why the plans have been stagnated for the sports area. She anticipates that within a two week period this should be completed.

“We do know that there are some concerns pertaining to falling stones from that area. The Minister of Vromi is currently looking into the situation for a solution and the necessary suggestions to deal with that will come from them,” the minister said.

Community Center in Cole Bay

Meanwhile, the Ministry also met with the Cole Bay Community Council (CCC) regarding development of a lot on Venus Drive, Cape Bay, near the Leonard Connor School.

The CCC wants the property to be turned into a community centre and sports facility and when Independent Parliamentarian Frans Richardson asked the minister what will be done with the property, she responded that it was CCC’s responsibility to develop the plot since 2010.

“In 2010 the land which the MP referred to was signed over to the Cole Bay Community Council. Therefore it became their full responsibility to develop that area. However there have been discussions taking place and we have met with the CCC. They are still interested in developing that area but they have had several challenges which we are having discussions with the Ministry of Vromi about,” the minister said.

They were also discussions by the previous government to secure even another area in Cole Bay for community development, the minister stated. The UP/DP coalition had wanted to purchase the site where the BIB building stands on Union Road for the establishment of the Cole Bay Civic Center.

“At the moment, the parking that was reserved for that business is also still being used by the Methodist church and other businesses nearby. If this building is purchased by a private company there would be issues with parking, especially for the church. It would be in the interest of all in the community if we establish some type of community centre. We have several options but as soon as those plans are concrete they will announced,” the minister explained.

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Concerns about falling rocks stall Fort Willem project on St. Maarten by

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