Concerned parent alleges improper conduct by teachers

POSTED: 02/27/12 3:44 PM

St. Maarten – A concerned parent who claims that the St. Maarten Academy PSVE has suspended two teachers for improper conduct with students while leaving a third teacher allegedly involved in the same activities in his position, now claims that the explanation the school’s chairman of the board gave to media before the weekend is incorrect.

The Today Newspaper contacted the prosecutor’s office before the weekend to inquire about a possible criminal complaint. But no complaint has been filed at the prosecutor’s office. Police Inspector Ricardo Henson said yesterday afternoon that he too was unaware of the situation.

Prosecutor Hans Mos said last week that improper conduct does not necessarily amount to a case that warrants a criminal investigation.

The concerned parent claims in emails in which he identifies the accused teachers that they are pedophiles. He sent an email to the president of the Windward Islands Teachers Union Claire Elshot on Saturday. But Elshot said in a reply that she also forwarded to the media that she distances herself from the matter. “I don’t know the individual (meaning the writer of the emails – ed.) and in my opinion he is not giving the board its right to analyze what is going on in an objective manner.”

Elshot wrote that she will not discuss allegations against Witu-members without knowing the facts. “I don’t know anything about this yet and have requested from this gentleman that he remove me from his mailing list. It is his right as a parent but he also must respect people.”

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