Community service for harboring Chucky

POSTED: 10/27/11 12:24 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced 21-year-old Tevin Danell Honore conform the demand by the prosecution to a suspended 15-month jail term and 240 hours of community service for harboring Chucky Omar Nelson between March 20 and August 29. The court imposed 3 years of probation.
Nelson, who is currently serving an 18-year sentence for his involvement in a robbery that caused the death of Dutchman Wouter-Jan Romeijn, escaped from Pointe Blanche on March 20, days before he had to appear in court.
Nelson sought refuge at the home of Honore, whom he knows from school. There he was finally arrested again on August 29.
Prosecutor Mr. M.L.P. Ridderbeks admitted that there is no proof that Honore had accommodated Nelson for the full period between his escape and his arrest. The defendant told the court that Nelson came to him a couple of days before his arrest, and that he asked him to leave again.
Attorney mr. G. Hatzmann asked the court to show some lenience. “It is a fairy tale to think that he could have called the police about such a violent man.”

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