Community service for fencing stolen car

POSTED: 06/16/11 1:27 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Richard Francisco Dilone, 21, to 146 days imprisonment and 120 hours of community service for fencing a car he bought for $200 on March 5. Of the prison sentence, 120 days are suspended and Dilone spent the remaining 26 days already in preventive custody.

The defendant failed to show up in court yesterday morning, reason for prosecutor mr. B. den Hartigh to demand  a 4-month suspended prison sentence minus the 26 days he already spent in custody, plus 120 hours of community service.

The car’s owner discovered that his wheels disappeared from in front of his home on the morning of March 5. He went looking for it himself, found it in the afternoon, and called the police. Dilone told the police that he bought the car for $200; the prosecutor found no convincing proof that he had stolen the car, but the defendant admitted that he suspected he was buying a stolen car because it had no registration plates and because the ignition lock was broken.

The prosecutor said that Dilone was still on probation and that he had a suspended sentence of 315 days hanging over his head. The prosecutor’s office may come back at a later date to demand the execution of that verdict.

His attorney mr. S.R. Bommel regretted that her client had not met his appointment at the courthouse. “He works on the French side in construction and he has no means of transportation, she said. She said that the community service demand is reasonable but she wondered whether it is feasible given the fact that Dilone works every day.”

Prosecutor Den Hartigh assured her that the rehabilitation bureau will find a way to work this out.


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