Community service for burglary

POSTED: 11/1/12 11:58 AM

St. Maarten – Kevin Ryan Junior Lake was sentenced to a 2-month conditional prison sentence with 3 years of probation and 60 hours of community service yesterday for a burglary in a house on the Little Bay Road on March 10 of last year. The Court in First Instance acquitted the youngster of a second burglary, committed a week later in a house on the Fort Willem Road. Judge Tamara Tijhuis also declared Lake guilty of ill-treating a teacher on October 25, 2010, but because this happened so long ago, she did not impose a punishment.
The teacher had confiscated a phone the defendant had brought in to the classroom and she told the then 15-year-old boy that he would get it back after the lesson. When Lake wanted to grab the phone from the teacher’s desk, she snatched it away and that is when he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm until she dropped the phone. The teacher sustained injuries.

Prosecutor Georges van den Eshof considered the burglary on Little Bay Road proven based on the complaint, the finger prints of a second burglar and the latter’s statement that Lake had been involved in it. the same burglar, who was not on trial yesterday, also told police that Lake had been involved in the burglary on the Fort Willem Road.
“It is a pity that the defendant denies,” the prosecutor said. He took into account that there is a moderately positive report from the “court of guardianship about the boy. He demanded a 6 month conditional prison sentence with 3 years of probation and 120 hours of community service. “You’d better pay attention in the future,” he warned, “because your name is well known at the prosecutor’s office.”

Attorney Geert Hatzmann expressed his amazement about the two-year old charge for ill-treatment. “Is it really opportune to prosecute this?” he wondered. “I ask the court to declare the prosecution inadmissible because of undue delay. At most he could be declared guilty.”
mr. Hatzmann also questioned the proof against his client for the burglaries. “There is no technical evidence and only C. (the second burglar – ed.) mentions his involvement. I have my doubts about this. He has been detained for 6 days when he was fifteen. That is unlawful.”
Hatzmann asked an acquittal for both burglaries, but in the end Judge Tijhuis arrived at a different conclusion.

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