Community service for attempted manslaughter

POSTED: 06/16/11 1:29 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Delroy D.A. Forbes, 17, to a 30 months suspended prison sentence for attempted manslaughter on Glenroy Mills on February 15. Judge mr. M. Keppels imposed a 3-year probation period and ordered that Forbes does 240 hours of community service. During the probation period, Forbes will remain under the supervision of the Rehabilitation Bureau.

Prosecutor mr. M. Overmeer demanded 5 years and 24 days imprisonment, with 5 years suspended during the trial on May 25. She also demanded community service, the obligation to go to school or follow training at the Victorious Living Foundation and to undergo house arrest until September during the hours he is not doing community service.

Forbes went after the victim with a machete after his kid brother Jermaine told him he had been ill-treated by Mills. On behalf of the injured party, mr. C.H.J. Merx demanded $20,000 in immaterial compensation and a bit more than $1,900 in material damages, but Judge Keppels declared the claims inadmissible.

Judge Keppels applied the adult penal code, in spite of the fact that the defendant is still a minor. She took the defendant’s age, the personal circumstances and the fact that he is a first offender into account.


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