Community Police join Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters

POSTED: 06/19/12 11:43 AM

The five community police officers pose with VP Education Julisa Frans (left) along with Club President TM Joy Arnell (right) of the Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters Club.

St. Maarten – The country’s first five community police officers; Felix Richards, Michelangelo Sirvania, Ethelwoldus Josepha, Helen Cristina-Romeo and Juan Statie were inducted into the Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters Club recently. The installation happened in the same meeting where Toastmaster Emilia Thomas achieved the award competent leader for the second time, Toastmaster Denise Vijber accomplished her competent communication award, Toastmaster Julisa Frans accomplished her advanced leader bronze and Toastmaster Leona Romeo-Marlin accomplished the award of competent communicator for the second time.
The Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters Club has earned the title of President Distinguish Club as 3 extra goals were added to their Distinguished Club Program for 2012. The speeches given at the meeting were enriched with educational, motivational and inspirational material that captivated both guest and members. The last meeting for the Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters Club will be on June 27, 2012. All civil servants are welcome to enjoy the Toastmasters experience.

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Community Police join Soualiga Corporate Toastmasters by

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