Community leader threatened over CKC bankruptcy

POSTED: 01/10/12 3:11 PM
President of the United Haitian Community Guerrier Jeston says some of his countrymen have threatened his life over the bankruptcy at the Christian Kingdom Cooperative (CKC) Credit Union.

St. Maarten – President of the United Haitian Community Guerrier Jeston has appealed to the board of Christian Kingdom Cooperative (CKC) Credit Union to issue a statement clearing his name before his countrymen make good on death threats they’ve consistently hurled at him after the CKC went bankrupt.

“They say they are going to kill me because I encouraged them to open an account at CKC instead of keeping the money under the mattress. My savings were also involved; I was never on the board of CKC,” Jeston said.

The entrepreneur believes that he is now being made the proverbial scapegoat.

“When they need votes, they know where to find you but now I am looking for all of those politicians that I rallied Haitians to vote for I can’t find them,” he said.

The drama started in 2010 when the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten revoked the credit union’s license and declared it bankrupt. The credit union has since filed a counter claim requesting the bankruptcy filing be rejected. If that fails the credit union plans to sue the Central Bank and the government because the Central Bank never complied with a legal requirement to set up a depositor’s insurance scheme. The Central Bank is one record that the provision may not apply because the depositors were also shareholders in the credit union and thus are entitled to such protection. The matter is still before the courts and all parties remain tightlipped on the issue, but if the credit union wins they want the central bank to cover for 100% of members’ deposits.

Jeston is tired of “fending off” more than fifty persons who do not seem to understand that while the matter is before the courts everyone’s hands are tied. He claims one woman who produced a savings book with $11, 600.00 even threatened to “go to cocoa field for me” because she needed the money for a medical emergency. To appease the woman’s anger, Jeston gave her some of his own money.

The businessman also claims that he’s repeatedly sought an audience with CKC Managing Director Franklyn Bryson but he’s never been granted one.

“When I attempted to enter the building, the security blocked me. We have never received any official correspondence on this matter. We are still in the dark,” Jeston said.

The CKC board did hold several meetings with members in 2010 to update them on the status of affairs.

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