Community helpdesk officials undergo training

POSTED: 08/19/11 12:14 PM

St. Maarten – A number of staff members from various government departments recently attended a workshop to prepare them for the execution of the new Integrated Neighbourhood Development Program (INDP). The departments involved were Department of Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs, Labor Affairs, Social Affairs and the Department of Collective Prevention Services.
The workshop, which was facilitated by Aisheline Maduro, was a team building exercise for the departments that would be involved with providing services at the community helpdesk. The staff learnt elements of working as a team to ensure that optimal service is provided to members of the community and what constitutes a healthy attitude in human services. Community empowerment and a participation based approach to working in the community were also dealt with.

The Community Helpdesk to be established in three of the most populace districts will offer one-stop-shop community public services. The target groups that the Community Helpdesks will be catering to are: elderly, youths, and parents, single mothers, teenage mothers, drug-addicts, chronically ill patients, the mentally ill and people living below the minimum wage or the poverty level.

The INDP project is responsible for the improvement of the neighbourhoods. It is a proactive process of integrating social, cultural, economic and environmental planning to build community commitment and capacity. A holistic approach has been developed in order to provide the assistance to communities in need. The INDP falls under the responsibilities of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labour.

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