Community and organizations assist SVOBE post Gonzalo

POSTED: 10/22/14 9:39 PM

St. Maarten —“Although Hurricane Gonzalo caught St. Maarten by surprise with its rapid development accompanied by its destructive force, there is plenty for which to be thankful,” that’s according to Wim de Visser, General Director of the SVOBE school board.

The two SVOBE schools– Sundial School and Milton Peters College (MPC)– suffered light damages mainly attributed to water damage. The most damage was received at MPC and that was attributed to the over 20 trees, some decades old, that succumbed to the powerful winds.

“The MPC campus literally looked like a warzone as downed trees littered almost every inch of the campus. Tuesday and Wednesday morning saw teachers, management and staff coming to assess, support and assist where possible. By Thursday morning every rake, broom, machete, saw and chainsaw was busy at work as the clean-up effort was in full swing. Efforts included teachers, staff, students, ex-students and neighbors, but special mention needs to be given to the Coast Guard who sent a team that worked relentlessly, ”de Visser explained .

By Thursday afternoon most of the downed trees had been reduced to piles of trash and were transported for disposal, again compliments of the Coast Guard. Friday morning the Coast Guard was joined by Public Works, and Windward Roads along with a small army of helpers and the larger debris and trees were removed from the campus.

“On behalf of SVOBE school board, management, teachers, staff and students we would like to thank each and every person and organization that assisted with the cleanup and restoration of the two schools. It is only through your efforts that we can return to the work of educating the children of St. Maarten,” de Visser said.



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Community and organizations assist SVOBE post Gonzalo by

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