Common Court drops prosecution security guard for fatal stabbing

POSTED: 03/6/11 9:37 PM

St. Maarten – On January 12, Sandra Arlene Hall left the courthouse in shame with her hands covering her face, after the prosecution demanded 9 years imprisonment against her for the fatal stabbing of 45-year old Radford Alexander Seaforth on October 18n of last year. Friday she raised her arms in triumph in the courthouse after the president of the ‘comm0n court of Justice, mr. Lisbeth Hoefdraad, acquitted her of all prosecution and ordered her immediate release. An emotional Hall hugged her attorney Mr. S.R. Bommel outside the courtroom.

The Common Court moved the sentencing hearing forward after the three-judge panel had concluded that Hall could not be held responsible for the death of her abusive partner.

During the appeals hearing on Wednesday, the defense presented four witnesses who testified to the violent character of the victim and th the circumstances they had found on the day of the stabbing.

The Common Court ruled that there is convincing proof that Hall stabbed Seaforth, aka Skinny, intentionally. “Nevertheless, the court finds that the defendant must be acquitted of all prosecution and that she has to be released immediately. It has been made plausible that the defendant was in a self defense excess situation and that therefore the stabbing cannot be held against her,” Hoefdraad said.

The court president said that Hall’s live was threatened by the victim, but that she had gone too far by stabbing him to death.

“But this was an emergency situation, “Hoefdraad concluded. “{The defendant was ruled by fear and that fear was caused by the victim.”

Hall obviously waived her right to go in cassation of the ruling, but solicitor-general Mr. H. de Jong told the court that he would take this option under consideration.

Hall, a 42-year old security guard, told the court at the trial in January that Seaforth had locked the door of their home at the Christiansted Drive in Dutch Quarter, had pulled her by her hair, hit her and threatened and cut her with a knife.
When Seaforth threatened the defendant, she jumped off a fitness machine, knocked the knife out of his hand, grabbed a knife of her own from the kitchen counter, grabbed the man and stabbed him in his back. When Seaforth reached for a golf club, Hall stabbed him in his chest. She told the court that she had feared for her life.
The judge in the Court in First Instance had found Hall’s statements about the events that led to Seaforth’s death inconsistent. The judge accepted that Hall had not wanted the man’s death, but she still held her responsible for it.

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