Committee wants information from Minister about state of the economy

POSTED: 04/11/11 12:39 PM

St. Maarten –The permanent parliamentary committee for tourism, economic affairs, transport and telecommunications wants a meeting with Minister Franklin Meyers and his Secretary General Miguel de Weever as well as with department heads for an update on the state of the economy and to discuss policy issues.

The committee met last week under the chairmanship of UP-MP Jules James.

“We would like to receive information about policies related to obtaining a business license.  The feedback from the private sector has been that certain policies frustrate the process and we need to find ways to facilitate an expedite that process, “James said.

“By meeting with the Minister and his team, we can explore together how to simplify the process.  Secondly, we are interested in knowing what plans are in place to attract young locals to become investors and entrepreneurs in our economy.”

Committee members would also like to meet with the Bankers Association to talk about possibilities to inject more capital into what has been described as a sluggish economy.

“We would like to know what can be done to provide more attractive interest rates for small businesses as well as why certain banks charge fees for some products/services while others don’t.  Besides these issues, we would like to get their view on dollarization versus having a joint Dutch Caribbean Guilder with Curacao,” James said.

“The committee is also interested in meeting with other organization such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Timeshare Association, the Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association, Taxi and Bus Drivers Associations, the Rental Committee, Telem, UTS and other stakeholders.

“We would like to hear from them about the current state of affairs in their sectors and what existing legislation needs to be modified based on the current development of our country. They could also indicate what new legislative initiatives are needed for our nation’s socio-economic development,” James said.

The committee will have a follow-up meeting after the Easter holidays to plan a meeting schedule with the various stakeholders.

Committee members are Leroy De Weever, Patrick Illidge, and Frans Richardson.  The president of the parliament, Gracita Arrindell also attended the meeting.

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Committee wants information from Minister about state of the economy by

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