Come Center targets functional illiteracy

POSTED: 04/16/13 1:30 PM

St. Maarten – It has been two weeks since the Come Centre officially began its Adult Basic Competency (ABC) program that has attracted more than a dozen persons. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday they assemble at the non-governmental facility on the ground floor of the Maynard Building from 6:00 pm. There participants are educated in English as a second language, Math, Reading and Introduction to Computers.

Though the center says that the identity of all students remain private so that they can function in a comfortable environment, it is encouraging members of the public to visit the adult education class and see the curriculum in action.

During its official opening, one of the proponents of the literacy program, Silvia Edwards said that she was glad to see the program brought to the Philipsburg area. Her niece is enrolled in the program.

“I always had a dream to see an outreach like Come established after experiencing so much illiteracy among family members. So you can imagine how relieved I was after reading in the Today newspaper during the month of February that such an establishment was about to be realized. My niece kept constantly asking me when her classes are going to start. Every week I would be bombarded with questions. I believe that every person is born with talent but just need the right person and the right environment at the right time to develop it,” Edwards said.

While praising the vision of the foundation for fulfilling a need in the society, Edwards outlined some of the challenges that people who are not functionally literate face.

“It can be very challenging and embarrassing at times not being able to read signs, to enjoy the pleasure of reading a great book or the greatest of books; the Bible. Even to read a confidential letter they would excuse themselves by saying the print is too small to avoid saying they can’t read. I even know of someone who was reading the newspaper aloud in the dark to someone. That indicates to you how eager those persons are to learn to read.”
She added that the Come Centre is now offering a great opportunity and a neglected opportunity never returns.

Among the benefits of a literacy program to St. Maarten would be assistance to single moms, poverty alleviation, the raising of moral standards, more productivity and financial stability , Edwards said.

“There is no end to education. If more of our troubled youth were educated, there would be less crime and less youth imprisoned. Lack of education produces crime, drug addiction and rebellion among the youth. We have seen any institutions started and fade away with time, I don’t want this to befall Come,” the senior citizen said.

Edwards is confident that the exciting and educational program will enrich the lives of many.

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