Cole Bay gets new community center

POSTED: 05/8/11 6:57 PM

St. Maarten – The restoration of several wells in the Cole bay district are expected to be done in addition to the upgrading of the Welfare road MP Jules James said Thursday at the town hall meeting at Carl’s Unique Inn. James said that he was “the driving force to have these projects completed.”

James said that for the viability for the new country St. Maarten it is necessary to upgrade all districts.  “The improvements of all the districts are important to the government but the districts of Cole Bay and Cay Bay are important to me.”

 “One of the crown jewels of the district is the acquisition of the land that now houses the BIP in Cole Bay,” James said. “They plan to build a community center for the residents of Cole Bay and Cay Bay.” There is also another piece of land in the Cay Bay that was earmarked for the project. It is the intention to move the project there.

James promised that the new community center will be the best on the island with state of the art equipment. The center will also be able to house for instance a branch of the Receiver’ s Office, banks , Telem  and other governmental offices.

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